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Do you want to be a part of this organization. Then let me explain what you get in return

We want to make this as transparent as possible. There are so many organizations around us doing the same thing. but we want to do the same differently. We will provide you with the scan copy of invoices so that you can make sure that the funds are utilized in a proper way. We will try to post some photographs of what exactly is happening, wherever it is possible. Don't worry, if you want to be a part of our team you don't need to be do all this, Just send us the money and you will receive the expenses sheet of what happening.

I bet you will get feel of self-satisfaction.


To contact us:

For the People In India:


Priyanka Nuthalapati



Karthick Kumar

Manoj Hirwani

For the People in Other than India:

Raghu Boddapati

Phone; 001 2178015626, 001 4088938102

If any problem come to your notice, please post to us. We might not solve all problems, but we will definitely try to solve every problem.








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