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Uniform Distribution for Blind School

This month we distibuted the uniform, plates and glasses for a school with the blind and under privileged children. This school has significance. Normally, we see people supporting schools of this sort. Seldom have we seen blind people running schools of this sort. This school is one amongst them. It is run by a blind man who is well educated and left his job in order to serve the blind children. But expecting him to take care of the entire children without a hint of support from anyone else is too much for asking. We heard that one of the rice mills nearby is taking care of the food for these children. we did our part by helping them buy uniforms, plates and glasses. A doubt may arise in some your minds, why do blind children need uniforms? Our motto is to make them feel they are one amongst us but not the only one amongst us. Uniform is a common thing in most of the schools. So, why should they be deprived of the right to wear a proper uniform? The reason where Hope is today and all the name and wishes it has got today can be attributed towards you all









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